January 3, 2013 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Jigsaw Renaissance
815 Seattle Blvd S., Seattle
WA 98134

Weekly at Jigsaw Renaissance, Thursdays from 1800-2100

—– announcement —–

This weekly event at Jigsaw Renaissance, hosted by Ned Konz, will examine and learn from the design and construction of the tech items that we use but often never fully understand.

You’ll learn about how to quickly reverse-engineer and re-use manufactured objects, paying special attention to understanding systems and engineering choices.

No special knowledge is required; we’ll try to make groups that include people with a variety of skills and knowledge levels, and we’ll all learn something!

We’ll try to have at least three similar devices every week that we will systematically disassemble, document, discuss, and analyze for re-use potential.

Reusable parts will be separated and given away, recyclable parts will be recycled, and we’ll try to build something interesting every week from some part of the devices.

We’ll also be taking a video every week to share with the world.

Bring your favorite hand tools; we’ll have standard hand tools, meters and oscilloscopes and soldering equipment, and we’ll also have a few less-common tools available for dealing with special fasteners, construction techniques, and communications protocols.