Our Ecosystem of Accelementees

Here’s a list of entrepreneurs we’ve helped, and some that we are in the process of working with. Please let us know if you would like to reach out to any of them. If they are accepting inquiries, we will be happy to introduce you. Here’s our Contact page.

Our Accelementees represent many diverse industries. Our coaches have experience in a wide variety of emerging and traditional business models

Founder                           Company Name

Catherine Caputo * 360me, Inc. A personalized health information management system.
Uneeb Agha * Addr
Shawn Barney * Airship Technologies Group (www.AirshipTG.com)
Raymond Monner * Annie Stacks
Gavin Johnson * Antimicrobial mobile accessories designed to clean electronics.
Amy Pettigrew * Arkham Storage
MH Lines * Automaton, Inc. – devops for Marketing technology that marketers will use
Daryn Swisher * Beta Hatch
Michael Darrington * Bold Bean Beverage Company
Steve Chandler * BudBot – Robotic cannabis packaging machine
Gabriela Alban Hidalgo * Capuli Club – Sips & Treats
Charles Finkelstein * ChainAmi
Reetu Gupta * Cirkled in
A.J. Peper * Command Sight, Inc.
Gabriel Mountjoy * Common Fibers
Andrew Stehr * Creative Core Technologies
Uneeb Agha * Crypto wallets
Rafael Ponce * CycleBar, a boutique indoor cycling studio
Ann Jarris * Discovery Health, LLC
Tyler Brown * Doodlebase: data collection & analytics for global-manufacturing
Cole van Leuven * Forks
Steven Reinhart * Fresh Concepts Engineering
Michael Pudjiadi * Garage Sales Online
Ying Zhang * Gourdgear
Kenny Shelton * Hack Nation
Brek Goin * Hammr – a professional network and hiring solution for the construction industry.
Danna Redmond * HeyThrivy
Alex Fichtenholtz * Human Tumor Genetics Interpretation
Michael Flynn * Iconic
David Carlin * Kitty Bento Box
Sean Stringer * Levitation Labs
Brian Crouch * Levvos
Rren Schafer * Life.Cafe
Kyun Chung * LoudBeacon – Discover Nearby Mobile Businesses
Peter Leonard * Meddle LLC
Nasir Aziz * Metanergia
Tim Meester * MicroBandz
Loren West * Microclimates.com
Scott Ware * MirrorCache
Stephen Moseson * Misa Digital
Catherine Crandall * Mobile app
Trisha Fridrich * Multriply
Tessa Lowe * Olo Organic – current company Olo Foods
Gavin Smith * Ottemo
Jeremy Diamond * Otto Robotics
Ken Ott * Parabola Golf
Charles Leach * Park365, Inc.
Pam Blanton * Partners4Housing
Ryan Cutler * Patron Saint Arts Funding
Alexandru Cabuz * Peergate
Teri Lawton * Perception Dynamics Institute
Margaret Prescott * Phaant (trademarked product name), Vyala, Inc. (company name)
Curt Clausen * PolynaryThink, LLC
Allison Rosenberg * Posed2, Inc.
Logan Niles * Pot Pie Factory, Inc.
Teena North * Power Yummies
Denise Aguilar * PreA
Tenniel Calkins * Product development
Harrison Bard * Prolific
Stephen Dilts * Pyramid Staging & Events, LLC
Anthony Riojas * Raffle Rush – enter to win the different raffles, drawing, prizes, giveaways at different events
Julia Freeland * REvolve YOU – REvolveYOU.com
Pamela Chiriboga * RiferMe
Will Chase * Root Down Hydroponicos
Roman Ivantsov * Rovika Software
Robert Polt * Ruumi Cup, Inc.
Stephanie Lentz * Scoop Marketplace (Seattle’s first zero waste market)
Robert Luu * Sense Nail Spa
Sara LeHoullier * Shop the Change
Michael Paderno * Sneaker/clothing resale
Sean Paradise * Source Media Productions & Around the Bend Podcast
Eric Thompson * SPIN Networks
Ruth Stern * Sternshus, Inc.
Nikola Mrvaljevic * Strive Tech
Benjamin Zuercher * Stuffmapper
Michael Croix * SunFly
Mike Moon * Sweetgrass Food Co.
Mitra Raman * The Buttermilk Company
Mark Ukelson * The Fremont Tour, A Street Theater
Sarah Gilbert * The Singing Tech
Nancy Jensen * The Swing Shift
Aaron Schmookler * The Yes Works
Erik Nelson * TidyHut, Inc.
Tristan Reyes * Tiny Home vacation rentals @ ReyesFaris Holdings LLC
Derek Hutchins * Travel Fit
Vidya Nair * TravelRx
Deb Rappaport * TreatKids.org
Tosha James * Unknown
Leslie Feinzaig * Venture Kits
Noah Perin  * VIA Global Health
Mark Stern * Virtual Reality/LBE theaters
Caleb Carr * Vita Inclinata Technologies
Steve Rondel * Voicelever
Eric Ogden * WeedTraQR
Erin Anacker * WholeStory
Tom Ryan * WiserWatering LLC
Vibhu Passi * Geekology
James Sisneros * Zaahah