Accelement believes in the power of timely information to help startups succeed. The coaches, mentors, and friends of Accelement are invited to share their experiences, advice, and learnings with the entrepreneurial community through this blog. Because we believe in the power of great questions, we’ll also be posting those we find interesting, so that our readership can help us develop better answers. Please check back often and let us know how you think we’re doing.

Fear of Failure or Courage of Success

We talk about fear of failure all the time in startup world. The trauma of failure, the stigma, the set-backs. Sometimes the discussion turns to the power of failure. Fail fast, fail often. You can’t fail if you learn from your mistakes. We celebrate...

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Lifelong Learning

This week, I participated in a panel discussion on the impact of The Fourth Industrial Revolution and how we will design business solutions using new technologies like AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain and the Internet of Things. Since these tools...

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Accelement Coaches

Accelement has been fortunate over its 22-month history to have attracted an amazingly experienced, and talented group of coaches. These aren’t just great coaches, they are great people who generously give their time and expertise to the company founders, idealists,...

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Thank you Accelement team

To the Accelement community: Our first Coaches Meeting was December 3, 2015 and from that date till now we have created an exciting and vibrant addition to the startup community in Seattle. This is a great time to take a moment and recognize all of the people who...

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Startup Grind

Another great Fireside Chat held at Galvanize on September 27, 2016. Great food, drink and networking were enjoyed by all. About 100 attended. Mike Grabham was our host and Tim Porter of Madrona Venture Group was interviewed by Mike. Mike started by asking Tim about...

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