All entrepreneurs we know are looking for answers about an aspect of starting and running their businesses, no matter what category: from tech startup to bio-medical to retail.

Accelement brings together experienced professionals with business knowledge in almost every category of business to answer those questions and work with those entrepreneurs at no cost.

Our professional coaches and mentors will provide up to 3 hours of free coaching to entrepreneurs who complete our intake form and selection process.

Our goal is to provide an impartial sounding board and support to the entrepreneurial community regardless of the founder’s experience or the company’s life-stage: from a business idea to a company with revenue.

To be clear, Accelement is not the matchmaker for entrepreneurs and investors that you’ve been dreaming about. Our goal is to provide relevant information, to answer questions, and help build momentum for your business. More knowledge, more traction!

Join as an Entrepreneur

Check out this page for more on what Accelement offers entrepreneurs, and how you can apply.

Join as a Coach

If you’ve done some mentoring, training, or coaching in a business environment, or if you’ve ever wanted to try, this is your chance. Follow the link and find out more about what we offer coaches and mentors.

Accelement has openings right now, for entrepreneurs, as we fill our upcoming sessions.

Thank you for your interest in Accelement and the Seattle start-up scene.

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Join us at the second Accelement Jam

June 1, 2017 (6pm - 8:30pm) WeWork SLU - 500 Yale Avenue North, Seattle At our second Accelement Jam we welcome entrepreneurs to the stage to present their companies and gain valuable feedback from an audience of fellow startup founders, seasoned professionals, and...

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We talk about fear of failure all the time in startup world. The trauma of failure, the stigma, the set-backs. Sometimes the discussion turns to the power of failure. Fail fast, fail often. You can’t fail if you learn from your mistakes. We celebrate...

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