Accelement believes in the power of timely information to help startups succeed. The coaches, mentors, and friends of Accelement are invited to share their experiences, advice, and learnings with the entrepreneurial community through this blog. Because we believe in the power of great questions, we’ll also be posting those we find interesting, so that our readership can help us develop better answers. Please check back often and let us know how you think we’re doing.

Seattle Freeze

Seattle ranks 21st in terms of “perceived start up density” according to a Chamber of Commerce study. On the other hand, ranked by total number of startups - it's actually number five nationwide. According to the study, Seattle … “ranks low on "collaborative...

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What to bring to a coaching session?

At Accelement, we don’t require you to submit a standard set of business documents or presentations before we meet with you. Our mission is to help companies at all stages of development. So if you just have bullet points, we can start there. If you have a more...

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Welcome to Accelement

Accelement helps entrepreneurs get ready for the next phase of their journey. We’ve all been there: we know what it feels like to have roadblocks in our way. Difficult questions remain unanswered; answers are elusive. That’s normal in the start-up quest. We want to...

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