Illustration of downtown Seattle with cranes

Seattle ranks 21st in terms of “perceived start up density” according to a Chamber of Commerce study. On the other hand, ranked by total number of startups – it’s actually number five nationwide.

According to the study, Seattle … “ranks low on “collaborative community” and “cultural foundations,” both of which are critical for long-term success. In other words, the Seattle Freeze has seeped into the way our tech companies interact with one another.”

Whether you agree with the study’s findings or not, most of us can agree that it does matter to all of us if good ideas aren’t getting the support they need to thrive.

One difference in the Bay Area’s start up climate is the variety of informal avenues for founders to find experienced entrepreneurs. This sense of a “collaborative community” reflects easy access to give and take opportunities that makes a place seem supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit.

There are a lot of startup resources in and around Seattle.  But often those resources are directed at serial entrepreneurs who know the ropes, or to companies that’ve survived the early stages and are ready to move up the ladder. There seems to be a limited number of easily accessible places that assist the first-time founder.

How can young companies tap into the culture of success and incredible knowledge of Seattle’s tech culture?  Accelement, a collaboration of startup executives and coaches, offers access to knowledge, resources and a network of like-minded strivers.

The more friction-free we make the interchange of information, the quicker the growth of the whole business community. Giving more founders a chance to get their ideas heard will pay dividends for all of us.


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