This week, I participated in a panel discussion on the impact of The Fourth Industrial Revolution and how we will design business solutions using new technologies like AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain and the Internet of Things. Since these tools are in rapid development and early stages of adoption, naturally we talked about the need for education.

Dr. Joseph Williams, Governor Inslee’s ICT Sector Lead and State of Washington Economic Development Director, emphasized our state government’s commitment to providing lifelong learning programs. His organization understands people, working in industries that are changing rapidly because of new technology, must be trained in new skills. For example, if autonomous trucks take off, truck drivers will need different jobs. Vocational training will help prepare them for their next career.

We can learn new skills without waiting to be told to do so. Humans are naturally curious. That curiosity feeds our drive to absorb knowledge, expand our thinking and create new ideas.

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