Accelement has been fortunate over its 22-month history to have attracted an amazingly experienced, and talented group of coaches. These aren’t just great coaches, they are great people who generously give their time and expertise to the company founders, idealists, and dreamers that come to Accelement for answers to their questions. We built Accelement by helping entrepreneurs of all kinds overcome obstacles and get on with their journeys. Here are snapshots that show the backgrounds of the 50+ coaches at Accelement.

First, they come from a wide range of industries.

Coaches’ Industry Verticals







Second, our Coaches bring a variety of business backgrounds to Accelement. Besides having worked in startups, they possess impressive skills in diverse operational areas.

Third, we strive to include a representative range of coaches from different backgrounds, cultures, and genders. And we are coming close to having an even ratio of men to women.






We look forward to growing our coaching ranks with more talented, energetic, and generous people from the startup community. If you’re interested in working with Accelement, follow this link.